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From Roman to Decimal
March 18, 2017 Translate text input as a Roman numeral into its decimal value.
Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal . . . Roman
March 11, 2017 Would Julius Caesar have used Roman numerals to code his C programs?
The Ghost of Octal
March 4, 2017 Base 8 numbers once ruled the C language. Today, they're a relic.
Yes! It's a String - or Number!
February 25, 2017 Two ways to test whether a string represents a value or it's just a silly old string.
Value or String?
February 18, 2017 You read data as text, but does it translate into a value or into a string?

This Month's Exercise

Detailed Examination of a CSV File
March 1, 2017 Read data from a CSV file and and generate a report.

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