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Structure Size and Memory Alignment
April 29, 2017 Always use the sizeof operator to glean how much storage a structure occupies.
Look at the sizeof That Thing
April 22, 2017 How to properly obtain the size of a struct variable.
Surrender to the Overflow
April 15, 2017 At some point, integer values become so large that you must use floating point variables to hold them.
The strftime() Function
April 8, 2017 Similar to the printf() function, the strftime() function uses placeholders to create a formatted time string.
Reducing Roman Numerals
April 1, 2017 Spare no digit to condense values such as IIII to IV and DCCCC to CM.

This Month's Exercise

Calculating the Date of Easter
April 1, 2017 Formulas, or algorithms, exist to perform many tasks. Your job is to translate them into C code.

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