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The fmod() Function
August 19, 2017 The modulus operator (%) works on integer values. For real numbers, use the fmod() function.
Null Versus Empty Strings
August 12, 2017 The concept of a null or empty string isn't rooted in the C language, but you can use C to determine whether a string is empty or null.
Other Ways to Fix fgets() Input
August 5, 2017 The fgets() function reads input, but it retains the newline. Here's another way to get rid of that extra character.
When goto Might Be Necessary
July 29, 2017 Even with the exception noted by Kernighan and Ritchie, you still don't ever need a goto in your code.
Goto Hell
July 22, 2017 The most despised keyword in the C language universe.

This Month's Exercise

The URL Encoding Filter
August 1, 2017 Write a filter to use URL encoding to translate a string of text.

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