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Sorted List Presentation, Part III
October 14, 2017 The C language doesn't have an obvious way to obtain the number of elements in an array, but it can still be done.
Sorted List Presentation, Part II
October 7, 2017 Solving a programming puzzle involves looking at where you are comparing it with where you want to go.
Sorted List Presentation, Part I
September 30, 2017 It's easy to spew out a list of items. When you mix in rows and columns, things can get twisted fast.
Structures of Pointer Structures in Structures
September 23, 2017 How far down the rabbit hole can you go when it comes to using the -> or . operator in a structure.
Pointers on Pointers in Structures
September 16, 2017 It's madness! The multivariable features too many options for messing with pointers.

This Month's Exercise

Right String
October 1, 2017 When the C language doesn't offer the function you need, you write one yourself.

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