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Safe Coding Practices - scanf()
November 18, 2017 Just don't ever use this function in any code you plan on releasing into the wild.
Safe Coding Practices
November 11, 2017 Bulletproofing your code is necessary and some common learning techniques can lead to trouble later if you're careless.
Sorted List Presentation, Part VI
November 4, 2017 In this final installment, all the pieces are brought together.
Sorted List Presentation, Part V
October 28, 2017 With almost all the pieces in place, it's time to calculate the number of columns and rows for program output.
Sorted List Presentation, Part IV
October 21, 2017 To figure out which string in an array is the longest, you craft a max()-like function, but one that must use the ugly ** pointer notation.

This Month's Exercise

Filename Extractor
November 1, 2017 Given a pathname of any length, return all but the final part, the filename.

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