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Safe Coding Practices - getchar() and putchar()
December 16, 2017 Beware the endless loop!
Safe Coding Practices - Terminating a String
December 9, 2017 All strings in C end with the null character — unless you forget to add one.
Safe Coding Practices - String Handling 2
December 2, 2017 Buffer overflow occurs magically when working with strings, unless you're very careful.
Safe Coding Practices - String Handling I
November 25, 2017 When copying strings, be mindful of buffer overflows.
Safe Coding Practices - scanf()
November 18, 2017 Just don't ever use this function in any code you plan on releasing into the wild.

This Month's Exercise

Swapping Arrays
December 1, 2017 Write functions that display array values and swap their values.

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