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More Fun with _Bool
February 17, 2018 If you're wondering why the C overlords didn't just call the _Bool variable type bool, they did!
Ruminations on the _Bool variable type
February 10, 2018 It's valid and funky, though a lot of C programmers don't bother with the _Bool type variable.
Is continue Necessary?
February 3, 2018 Of the assorted C language keywords, one you'll seldom if ever use is continue.
The Perils of typedef
January 27, 2018 I suggest understanding this keyword, but never using it.
Playing with a Double-Linked List
January 20, 2018 Explore the advantages of going to all the trouble of creating a double-linked list.

This Month's Exercise

February 1, 2018 Back and forth and back and forth.

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