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Looping Variables End Value
October 22, 2016 The value isn't what you expect, but if you study the problem it all makes perfect sense.
Hunting for a Library
October 15, 2016 Locate a library on the web, download and install it, then examing the API to understand how it works.
Linking a Library in Code::Blocks
October 8, 2016 Unlike the command prompt, you have a few hoops to jump through to add a new C library to your Code::Blocks project.
Link in the Math Library
October 1, 2016 Apparently some Linux releases don't automatically compile some C Library math functions.
Fuzzy Matching, Now With Forgiveness
September 24, 2016 Add a rule to allow for exceptions along with the fuzz.

This Month's Exercise

The Curse of Typecasting
October 1, 2016 Not every Exercise needs to be a bastard.

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