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Yes! It's a String - or Number!
February 25, 2017 Two ways to test whether a string represents a value or it's just a silly old string.
Value or String?
February 18, 2017 You read data as text, but does it translate into a value or into a string?
Manipulate Pointers in Functions, Part V
February 11, 2017 Get that two-dimensional array into a function and manipulate its second element, all by using pointers.
Manipulate Pointers in Functions, Part IV
February 4, 2017 The relationship between **ptr and array[][].
Manipulate Pointers in Functions, Part III
January 28, 2017 Pointers and pointers-to-pointers and addresses of pointers and all that stuff explained.

This Month's Exercise

The CSV File
February 1, 2017 Write code that fetches data from this common, plain text, file format.

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