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Pointers on Pointers in Structures
September 16, 2017 It's madness! The multivariable features too many options for messing with pointers.
Ugly e Math Stuff
September 9, 2017 Coming off the topic of compound interest is the fascinating mathematical constant, e.
Compound Interest Calculations
September 2, 2017 Wait! It's not as boring as it sounds. In fact, if you want to make money in your life, it's a useful thing to know.
Of Great Interest
August 26, 2017 It's perhaps the most common and frustrating calculation that most people pay attention to — or not.
The fmod() Function
August 19, 2017 The modulus operator (%) works on integer values. For real numbers, use the fmod() function.

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The URL Decoding Filter
September 1, 2017 Take a string of percent-encoded text and revert it back to the original ASCII.

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