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The Square is Really Magic
May 27, 2017 What happens when you move a row or column in a magic square?
Pass a 2D Array to a Function (No Pointers!)
May 20, 2017 To avoid using ** notation, you can fake a 2D array as a single-dimension array to pass it to a function.
A Single-Dimension Array Pretends to be Two-Dimensions
May 13, 2017 The only difference in array dimensions is the math used to access the elements.
Two Dimensional Arrays are a Myth
May 6, 2017 2D or not 2D.
Structure Size and Memory Alignment
April 29, 2017 Always use the sizeof operator to glean how much storage a structure occupies.

This Month's Exercise

Day-of-the-Year Calculation
May 1, 2017 Given a value from 1 to 365, calculate the month and day of the year.

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