Suggested Compilers and Editors


Code::Blocks. I recommend using the Code::Blocks IDE with my current book, Beginning Programming with C For Dummies. It's a very effective, easy-to-use environment. It has lots of controls, so it can be overwhelming, but it gets the job done for my books.

MinGW: Minimalist GNU For Windows. A port of the GNU gcc compiler that I used for writing my book. To download a copy of MinGW, click this link, and then click the Download button.

Microsoft Visual C++ Express. This program is part of the Visual Studio series from Microsoft. Visit this web site to download.

Tiny C. It's fast. It's small. It's very popular. Especially if you have an older PC that's not very fast, I highly recommend the Tiny C compiler. Visit the Tiny C web site and click the link to download the Windows executable.

Text Editors

The text editor I use for programming is VIM, although it's advanced, scary, and intimidating: VIM

Here are a few easy-to-learn and use text editors: