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More Than One String in a String
October 23, 2021 It's possible to have a string that contains multiple strings. Weird, right? Keep reading.
Trigraph Sequences
October 16, 2021 Valid in C source code, but rarely used these days, trigraphs present another way to represent certain characters.
Misused Placeholders
October 9, 2021 The compiler may flag the blunder, but output is still generated. What does it mean?
Frying a String
October 2, 2021 The GNU C library features a string scrambling function, strfry().
The strerror() Function
September 25, 2021 Here's yet another, fun C library function that spews forth a system error message.

This Month's Exercise

Alphabedecimal Revisited
October 1, 2021 Once again, the challenge is to count from AAAA to ZZZZ — but without using nested loops or a cascading if structure.

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