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The 27th International Obfuscated C Code Contest
January 23, 2021 If you think C code is difficult to grasp, hang on to your hat.
Compiler Options in Code::Blocks
January 16, 2021 C compiler switches can also be set from within an IDE, providing you know where the options are hidden.
Compiler Options at the Command Prompt
January 9, 2021 The C compiler has dozens if not hundreds of switches and options. Here are a few worth knowing.
Emulating the foreach Keyword
January 2, 2021 The best way to create a foreach keyword or function is to write a macro.
In Search of the foreach Keyword
December 26, 2020 The foreach looping keyword is found in many of the newer, trendier programming languages. Why not emulate it for C?

This Month's Exercise

Find the Most Factors
January 1, 2021 Which value between 1 and 1000 has the highest number of factors and what is this value?

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