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The _Generic Keyword
May 8, 2021 The C11 standard formalized introduction of the keyword _Generic. Why?
Putting the memset() Function to Work
May 1, 2021 Here's a quick and effective way to initialize a buffer.
How Big is Your BUFSIZ?
April 24, 2021 The BUFSIZ defined constant provides a handy way to create a buffer of a given size. But what's the size?
Zero and NULL and Pointers and Stuff
April 17, 2021 The defined constant NULL isn't zero, but is it always a pointer?
Positive or Negative Zero
April 10, 2021 Is zero positive, negative, or just zero?

This Month's Exercise

Unravel the Mystery Code
May 1, 2021 How can this code possibly compile in C?

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