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Using the epoll() Function to Scan for Standard Input
April 13, 2024 It's not perfect, but the epoll() functions can also scan for pending standard input.
Reading the Keyboard Queue ala Networking
April 6, 2024 You can use the networking function select() to check for pending keyboard input.
Looking for a Keyboard Hit
March 30, 2024 Checking to see whether a character is waiting in the queue requires using a secret and scary function.
What's Next, Keyboard?
March 23, 2024 Sometimes a program needs to check to see whether a key has been pressed without reading that key.
Squaring a Value
March 16, 2024 Could the C language use a square() function or operator?

This Month's Exercise

Calculating the Absolute Value
April 1, 2024 The absolute value of a number is its positive value.

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