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The switch Condition
August 8, 2020 The switch statement need not contain a single value or variable.
Digits of Significance
August 1, 2020 Seeing the necessity, I wrote a function to compare floating-point values for significant digits.
My Own Square Root Funtion
July 25, 2020 I swear I'm not a math nerd, yet I felt compelled to write my own square root function. Perhaps I'm just weird?
Getting to the Square Root of the Problem
July 18, 2020 What if the sqrt() function didn't exist! What would you do?
The gettimeofday() Function
July 11, 2020 And I thought I knew all the C language time functions.

This Month's Exercise

Multiples of Four
August 1, 2020 No matter what the player guesses, the computer must round up the value to the next multiple of four.

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