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Hang On a Sec, Part II
March 25, 2023 Writing a loop that pauses exactly one second - on my computer.
Hang On a Sec, Part I
March 18, 2023 Spinning through a loop takes time.
Building a New, Sum Matrix
March 11, 2023 Matrix A plus Matrix B equals Matrix C.
Totaling a Grid's Rows and Columns
March 4, 2023 Tallying the rows and columns in a grid is something I'm more than happy to have a computer do for me.
Playing with a Grid
February 25, 2023 The first step toward grid nirvana, is to construct and populate the grid.

This Month's Exercise

Merging Arrays
March 1, 2023 Don't just stick one array onto the other, zipper them together!

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Tiny C Programming
C Programming For Dummies
Programmer's Guide to NCurses
Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON
Programmer's Guide to Curl

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