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Ignoring Signals
January 19, 2019 You probably don't know what a signal is, but you have definitely seen its effect.
I'm Outta Here
January 12, 2019 Ways to leave your program, gracefully or not.
Negative Time
January 5, 2019 Time moves forward, but a time_t value can also be negative.
Fizz Buzz
January 1, 2019 It's a classic programming puzzle, primarily because so many different solutions present themselves.
Tick-Tock Goes the Clock, Part III
December 29, 2018 Keep the clock's time in sync with the system time.

This Month's Exercise

The Whole Month from a Single Day
December 1, 2018 Given a day of the week and date of the month, reconstruct the entire month and output it one week.

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