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Powers of Three
May 30, 2020 Your programming career counts from decimal to hexadecimal with perhaps some binary and octal thrown in. What about ternary?
Degrees to Radians to Degrees
May 23, 2020 It surprises me constants aren't available for these conversions.
Creating a File "in the Raw" - with Permissions
May 16, 2020 Time to fix a problem program from an earlier blog post.
Changing a File's Permissions
May 9, 2020 Just as you can examine permissions assigned to a file, your code can alter the permissions.
Examining File Type and Permissions
May 2, 2020 Thanks to macros and defined constants, you can determine a file's type and evaluate its permissions.

This Month's Exercise

Getting to Euler's Number
June 1, 2020 How long does it take for a program to reach the e constant?

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