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Chatting with a Thread
July 2, 2022 A thread not be all lonely in space while it runs.
Introduction to Pipes
June 25, 2022 Pipes are true weirdos in communications programming.
The Thread Must Die!
June 18, 2022 Like any code, it's possible for a thread to run endlessly.
Leaving a Thread Early
June 11, 2022 Just as you can exit a program or function before it's complete, you can also exit a thread.
Multiple Thread Mania
June 4, 2022 Your program can spawn multiple threads, almost as many as a 600 thread count bedsheet - but not that crazy.

This Month's Exercise

Your Own Version of left-pad()
July 1, 2022 It seems like a silly piece of code, but it has a delicious and devious history.

Showcase Title

I'm pleased to announce the early preview of my next programming title, Tiny C Projects from Manning Publishing.

Tiny C Projects cover MEAP

MEAP is the Manning Early Access Program, which allows you to review already-submitted content before the book is published. Four of 21 planned Chapters are available online; I'm submitting new chapters as I write them. So please check it out. Here is the link:

Proceeds from sale of this book (compensated link) go toward supporting this website. Thank you!

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C Programming For Dummies   Programmer's Guide to NCurses   Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON   Programmer's Guide to Curl

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