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A Grid of Random Stars, Part IV
June 8, 2024 Time to graphically output the found rectangles.
A Grid of Random Stars, Part III
June 1, 2024 This update to the grid locates rectangular patterns and reports the coordinates.
A Grid of Random Stars, Part II
May 25, 2024 Once created, the next step is to hunt for rectangles in the random grid of stars.
Analyzing a Grid of Random Stars
May 18, 2024 It's time for me to sate my grid fascination.
Messing with Array Subscripts
May 11, 2024 The element number inside an array's brackets need not be a constant value.

This Month's Exercise

Adding Two Values
June 1, 2024 It seems simple, but a number of clever solutions are possible.

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Tiny C Programming
C Programming For Dummies
Programmer's Guide to NCurses
Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON
Programmer's Guide to Curl

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