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String Versions of ctype Functions
October 17, 2020 Why not apply functions like toupper() and tolower() to an entire string, not just a single character?
Is This Unix?
October 10, 2020 With so many C language functions specific to Unix, it helps to know whether your code is running on that platform.
The Terminal Has a Name
October 3, 2020 In Unix, the terminal is an I/O device but also a file. When you know it's name, you can write text to the terminal just as you can output text to a file.
What is the Maximum Value?
September 26, 2020 Yet another way to pull out the maximum value, though this time from an array.
Looping with Testing Variables
September 19, 2020 The issue is how to best initialize a variable used in a loop at its terminating condition.

This Month's Exercise

A Cumulative Total
October 1, 2020 Many math puzzles explore doubling values. This time, I'm going to be boring and just add them.

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