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Raw Reading File Data
March 28, 2020 Just as the open() function is different from fopen(), the functions to read and write data to a file are different as well.
Opening a File in the Raw
March 21, 2020 The common C library function to open a file is fopen(), but the open() function also exists. What's the difference?
π Day Bonus!
March 14, 2020 It's 3.14159 day again! Time for another nerdy π calculation.
Three-Way Evaluations
March 14, 2020 The C language can lag behind other languages, but it can also provide inspiration. In the case of the three-way evaluation, it does both.
Outputting Inverse Text
March 7, 2020 Even today's terminals windows can harness the power of ANSI escape codes to generate fancy text.

This Month's Exercise

Dump That File!
March 1, 2020 Write code that outputs a file's data in hexadecimal and text characters.

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