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Non-Standard Function: strlcpy()
December 7, 2019 The non-standard strlcpy() function copies a string but limits the destination buffer length — a much-needed, secure improvement over the standard strcpy() function.
Non-Standard Function: strcasecmp()
November 30, 2019 In the first of a short series, non-standard C library functions are discussed and substitutes presented. This week, the strcasecmp function is covered, which compares strings regardless of case.
Functions as Structure Members
November 23, 2019 A structure can hold any valid variable type as a member, so why not have a function as a structure member?
Deviously Playing with Memory
November 16, 2019 Using the memcpy() function and playing with pointer data types allows you to examine raw memory in your code.
Playing with Memory
November 9, 2019 The memcpy function allows chunks of memory to be copied hither and thither, which can lead to some interesting results.

This Month's Exercise

Morse Code Filter
December 1, 2019 Translate standard input into Morse code.

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