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The Element Doesn't Exist
February 16, 2019 It's possible, but extremely dangerous, to access undefined array elements in C.
Variable Length Arrays
February 9, 2019 It's possible to size an array while your code is running, but few programmers try.
Declaring a String Literal as a Pointer
February 2, 2019 It's a handy shortcut, but for manipulating strings it just doesn't work.
Does the File Exist?
January 26, 2019 If your code relies upon an external file, it's good to know that the file exists before it's accessed.
Ignoring Signals
January 19, 2019 You probably don't know what a signal is, but you have definitely seen its effect.

This Month's Exercise

The Wandering King
February 1, 2019 How long does it take for the king to amble off a chessboard?

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