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Looping with Testing Variables
September 19, 2020 The issue is how to best initialize a variable used in a loop at its terminating condition.
The Most Curious Aspect of the scanf() Function
September 12, 2020 The format string for printf() and scanf() isn't exactly identical, specifically with regards to two unusual placeholders.
Fully Abusing the scanf() Function
September 5, 2020 While it can frustrate many programmers, you can have some fun with the scanf() function's versatility.
Unraveling the scanf() Function
August 29, 2020 One of the most despised functions in C, scanf() is both useful and mysterious.
Initializing an Array
August 22, 2020 It's a basic operation because, unless you don't initialize the array, it contains garbage.

This Month's Exercise

Spelling Numbers
September 1, 2020 Any program can output digits, but how about a program that outputs the names of the numbers?

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