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To Read a Chunk a Data
June 15, 2019 The fread() function can confuse you when you get the arguments wrong.
Old Habits Die Hard
June 8, 2019 Not all programming puzzles must be solved the same way.
Slicing Words from a String
June 1, 2019 A bit of finesse is required to pluck a word from a string when the word is followed by multiple separators.
Falling Through a Switch-Case Structure
May 25, 2019 You can take advantage of the fall-through in a switch-case structure, which almost seems like a feature.
Switch-Case Execution
May 18, 2019 The switch case structure is complex and powerful, but not without its quirks.

This Month's Exercise

Parse and Count Words in a String
June 1, 2019 Display words in a string one at a time, followed by the number characters in the word.

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