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Counting Terminal Rows and Columns
February 4, 2023 Now that terminal screens are virtual, knowing its number of rows and columns isn't a predictable thing.
Checking the CPU Clock
January 28, 2023 An extremely low-level function is clock(), which has nothing to do with human time.
Not Every Compiler Likes Your Code
January 21, 2023 Imagine my horror at discovering that the clang compiler lets me do something that the gcc compiler finds offensive.
The volatile Keyword
January 14, 2023 No, it doesn't mean that the data will explode at any given moment.
Type Qualifiers: const and restrict
January 7, 2023 Time to plunge the depths of some seldom-used and obscure C language keywords.

This Month's Exercise

A Compact for Loop
February 1, 2023 Loading up at the for statement salad bar.

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C Programming For Dummies
Programmer's Guide to NCurses
Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON
Programmer's Guide to Curl

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