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Fun with switch case, Part I
February 24, 2024 The switch-case construction has some interesting quirks.
Creating Your Own Environment Variables
February 17, 2024 A program can add a variable to the environment — and remove it as well.
Peering into the Environment
February 10, 2024 The environment lists system variables and values your program can access.
A Nifty Little Test
February 3, 2024 Evaluating the result of a comparison.
The C23 Deprecated and Removed Collection
January 27, 2024 Review what's gone bye-bye and what's about to leave the C language as defined in the new C23 standard.

This Month's Exercise

Calculating the Subfactorial
March 1, 2024 Also known as "derangement." Have fun with that.

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Tiny C Programming
C Programming For Dummies
Programmer's Guide to NCurses
Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON
Programmer's Guide to Curl

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