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The Playing Card Structure (Poker II)
September 14, 2019 To best work with a playing card simulation, a structure is created to hold information about each card drawn.
Draw Five Cards (Poker I)
September 7, 2019 Drawing cards is an exercise I've covered before. Now it's time to do something with those cards.
Structures and Arrays, Part III
August 31, 2019 Structures can be pointers and all their members can be pointers as well. It's nuts.
Structures and Arrays, Part II
August 24, 2019 When structures are allocated as pointers, notation takes an interesting turn.
Structures and Arrays, Part I
August 17, 2019 The only time C variable notation gets heavy is when you mix structures and arrays.

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Next Tuesday
September 1, 2019 What will the date be next Tuesday?

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