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Setting Up the Knight's Tour
November 26, 2022 The Knight's Tour is a classic programming puzzle, moving a knight around a chessboard without stopping at the same square twice.
Plotting the Knight's Next Move
November 19, 2022 If the knight on a chessboard moved in a traditional way (horizontally or vertically), plotting its moves would be a cinch. Alas, that's just not the case.
Why, There's the Knight!
November 12, 2022 Combining code from previous Lessons and this month's Exercise, it's time to visually plot the knight's position on a text mode chessboard.
From Linear Array to Row/Column
November 5, 2022 Several choices are available for storing chessboard data.
Plotting Knight Moves
October 29, 2022 Unlike all other chess pieces, the knight moves in a funky, crazy, and useful pattern.

This Month's Exercise

Output a Colorful Chessboard
November 1, 2022 So many computer things involve chess. Why not create a pretty text-mode chessboard?

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