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The Golden Ratio - Recursion Version
November 21, 2020 As a C coder, I am delighted to offer any code that takes advantage of recursion.
The Golden Ratio
November 14, 2020 It's not as well known as π or even the e constant, but it's still one of those math thingies programmers can play with.
More Efficient Prime Number Calculations
November 7, 2020 My shortcut for hunting for prime numbers.
Generating Prime Numbers
October 31, 2020 One way of coding a prime number generating program is to discover which numbers have factors of only 1 and themselves.
A Matter of Factors
October 24, 2020 To hunt for a prime number, you must ensure that the number has no factors other than itself and one.

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Calculating Months
November 1, 2020 This is month number 24251.

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