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More Globbling with the fnmatch() Function
June 19, 2021 The fnmatch() function is more of a string searching function than a filename matching tool.
Reading Wildcards from the Command Line
June 12, 2021 You can't detect when a wildcard is present as a command line argument, but your code can properly process such an argument.
Understanding the Glob
June 5, 2021 You may know them as wildcards in Windows, but in the Linux/Unix universe it's the glob.
Wild About Wildcards
May 29, 2021 What happens when your program tries to open a file named *.txt?
Creating a Pointer Array (Correct)
May 22, 2021 It's possible to assign a pointer to an array of integers, but you can't do it all in a single statement.

This Month's Exercise

Watch the Stock Market
June 1, 2021 Devise a program that outputs stock prices at the 30 minute mark throughout the trading day.

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