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Playing with Memory
November 9, 2019 The memcpy function allows chunks of memory to be copied hither and thither, which can lead to some interesting results.
The Poker Program
November 2, 2019 At long last, she is done!
One or Two Pairs (Poker VIII)
October 26, 2019 After eliminating all other possibilities, the final poker hand tests are for one or two pairs.
Four-of-a-Kind, Three-of-a-kind, and a Full House (Poker VII)
October 19, 2019 The tests for my poker program proceed, identifying a few high-ranking hands.
Flush, Straight, and Straight Flush Tests (Poker VI)
October 12, 2019 Testing for a flush draw in poker isn't complex, but it's the second required step in filtering the various hand combinations.

This Month's Exercise

The Yorn Function
November 1, 2019 In my personal programming lingo, yorn is slang for "Yes or No."

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