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Fun with the asprintf() Function
January 11, 2020 A smart function, asprintf() both allocates and sizes a buffer into which formatted output is stored.
The snprintf() Function
January 4, 2020 The sprintf() can lead to buffer overflow, which is why the non-standard snprintf() function was developed.
My own strlcat() Function
December 28, 2019 Writing my own strlcat() function proved easier once I figured out how the non-standard library function behaved.
Decoding the strlcat() Function
December 21, 2019 The strlcat() function's return values must be deciphered before I attempt to code my own version.
My Own strlcpy() Function
December 14, 2019 Crafting my own strlcpy function was easier after I studied the original function and ran tests on its operation.

This Month's Exercise

Remove Trailing Blank Lines
January 1, 2020 Most text files end with a blank line. One is enough! When a text file terminates with several blank lines, you can write a utility to remove the excess.

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