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Magic Numbers
September 18, 2021 No, there's nothing magical about them.
Is it Bad to Cast malloc()?
September 11, 2021 Apparently one of the Great Programming Debates raging currently regards casting of the malloc() function.
When Passing a String to a Function, Be Careful That You Don't . . .
September 4, 2021 Initializing a string as a pointer works, but . . .
Manipulating a String in a Function
August 28, 2021 It's possible to mess with a string within a function, but at some point things go haywire.
Passing Strings to a Function
August 21, 2021 Passing strings to functions the easy way — but don't count in it being easy for long.

This Month's Exercise

Scramble a String
September 1, 2021 nSetrrm bil acgaS

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