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From Decimal Value to a String
May 14, 2022 Mathematically, it's easy to split off the fractional part of a value. But can you do the same with a string?
Conditional Expressions Used as Values
May 7, 2022 A conditional expression can be TRUE or FALSE. These operations can also be interpreted as values.
Outputting an Unterminated Buffer
April 30, 2022 All string buffers must be terminated with a null character, unless they aren't.
Desperately Freeing Allocated Memory
April 23, 2022 Most definitely in a function, if the allocated memory is no longer needed, free it!
Freeing Allocated Memory
April 16, 2022 Before exiting the program, should you free memory allocated in the main() function? It's a controversial issue.

This Month's Exercise

Splitting a Decimal Value
May 1, 2022 Use your programming prowess to cleave a decimal value in twain.

Showcase Title

I'm pleased to announce the early preview of my next programming title, Tiny C Projects from Manning Publishing.

Tiny C Projects cover MEAP

MEAP is the Manning Early Access Program, which allows you to review already-submitted content before the book is published. Four of 21 planned Chapters are available online; I'm submitting new chapters as I write them. So please check it out. Here is the link:

Proceeds from sale of this book (compensated link) go toward supporting this website. Thank you!

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