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A Tally of Unique Words, Part VI
January 15, 2022 Not content with the results desired, I take the code one step further to store the unique and duplicate words.
A Tally of Unique Words, Part V
January 8, 2022 Before you can identify unique and duplicate words, you must count them.
A Tally of Unique Words, Part IV
January 1, 2022 To find unique words in a let, you start by sorting the list.
A Tally of Unique Words, Part III
December 25, 2021 This step in my unique words program involves retaining the addresses of each word in the string.
A Tally of Unique Words, Part II
December 18, 2021 The next step in locating unique words is to parse the buffer, slicing into separate word chunks.

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Decoding a String
January 1, 2022 48190F0009A72E1712A9390CFC11AFE9

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I'm pleased to announce the early preview of my next programming title, Tiny C Projects from Manning Publishing.

Tiny C Projects cover MEAP

MEAP is the Manning Early Access Program, which allows you to review already-submitted content before the book is published. Four of 21 planned Chapters are available online; I'm submitting new chapters as I write them. So please check it out. Here is the link:

Proceeds from sale of this book (compensated link) go toward supporting this website. Thank you!

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