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Input Minus the Echo
February 22, 2020 Normally, standard input is output to the display. When you type a password, it's suppressed. Ever wonder how that happens?
Yet Another Oddball: Token Paste
February 15, 2020 The preprocessor ## operator is one of the most peculiar ones I've encountered.
Hunt the Wumpus Code
February 8, 2020 The blow-by-blow of my C code for the game Hunt the Wumpus.
Implementing Hunt the Wumpus in C
February 1, 2020 Saying that the code for Hunt the Wumpus is easy to create and actually creating it are two different things.
Hunt the Wumpus
January 25, 2020 A classic text game from the early days of computing is easy to recreate in the C language.

This Month's Exercise

Automated Guessing Game
February 1, 2020 Have the computer guess its own number.

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