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What Size Integer?
July 4, 2020 Is an int the same as a short or a long? The number of bits in an integer isn't really defined.
I/O in [Almost] Any Base
June 27, 2020 Given the routines provided for ternary I/O, you can easily write functions that input and output values in any base.
Eating Ternary Input
June 20, 2020 Compared with my toil over the ternary output function from last week's Lesson, converting ternary input was a snap.
The ternary_out() Function
June 13, 2020 Getting this function correct required brain power, sweat, and some help from Excel.
Dreaming of the ternary_out() Function
June 6, 2020 To output a value in ternary (base 3), you must convert the value from an integer into a string of 0, 1, and 2 characters expressing the proper value.

This Month's Exercise

Nested Processing
July 1, 2020 Time to back off a tad for this month's Exercise and try something more basic.

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