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The time_t Value . . . and 16 Hours?
February 27, 2021 For some puzzling reason, my computer generates a time_t value that appears to be off by 16 hours.
Creating a time_t Value
February 20, 2021 The time() function creates a time_t value for you, though if you're crazy enough the operation can be done manually.
Parsing Integer Values Into a time_t Value
February 13, 2021 The final step in parsing the filename string is to convert the year, month, and day integer values into a time_t "Unix epoch" value.
Parsing and Converting
February 6, 2021 Data from a filename string must be parsed into individual year, month, and day integers.
It's Parsing Time
January 30, 2021 From string to time_t value, it's a journey.

This Month's Exercise

Positive, Negative, or Zero
March 1, 2021 The C language lacks a function that returns the sign of an integer. So why not write one yourself?

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