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The Improved nano_delay() Function (I Hope)
May 27, 2023 My attempt to fix an overflow flaw in my original (and possibly useless) nano_delay() function.
Your Own Time Delay Function
May 20, 2023 One way I put the clock_gettime() function to work is to create a delay function that operates on nanoseconds.
Programming with Nanoseconds
May 13, 2023 Your computer's clock knows time down to the nanosecond, which you can fetch for use in your programs.
Checking the Time
May 6, 2023 The time() function is nice, but the clock_gettime() function is more precise.
What the Heck is That Thing?
April 29, 2023 A good lesson in why you should comment your code, even the stuff you write for yourself.

This Month's Exercise

May 1, 2023 It's easy to obtain time information about right now, today. But what about yesterday?

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