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Putting strtol() to the Test
July 13, 2019 The strtol() function not only converts strings to integers, it helps you validate the input data.
Peculiarities of the strtol() Function
July 6, 2019 When converting a string to an integer, the strtol() function provides a few interesting options.
June 29, 2019 I'm no math genius, which probably explains my newfound fascinations with the pow() function.
The Perils of strncpy()
June 22, 2019 Most string functions are careful to cap the text they manipulate with a null character. The strncpy() function is not so generous.
To Read a Chunk a Data
June 15, 2019 The fread() function can confuse you when you get the arguments wrong.

This Month's Exercise

Write Your Own Integer Conversion
July 1, 2019 Sure, a function is available, but it's good C programming practice to try writing your own.

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