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Initializing Only Part of an Array
December 9, 2023 You can leave an array uninitialized, initialize all its elements, or just a few.
Almost a Spelling Bee-Like Scan
December 2, 2023 Here is one more stab at solving the Spelling Bee without turning this series into an obsession.
Finding All the Pangrams
November 25, 2023 How many words in the digital dictionary are composed of unique letters?
Hunting for 7-Character Pangrams
November 18, 2023 A program can not only find dictionary words of a certain length, but words that contain no repeating letters.
Finding Four-Letter Words
November 11, 2023 Yes, the computer dictionary contains a lot of four letter words!

This Month's Exercise

December 1, 2023 How to generate huge values with very little effort.

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Programmer's Guide to NCurses
Programmer's Guide to XML and JSON
Programmer's Guide to Curl

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