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Text mode programming ain't dead yet!

This page supports my eBook Dan Gookin's Guide to Ncurses Programming. It's available in Kindle eBook format as well as paperback.

For support on the earlier print book, The Programmer's Guide to Nurses, click here.

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* In Chapter 4, the section on Unicode should recommend that the ncursesw library may be required in place of ncurses. Use the switch -lncursesw on the command line. Ensure that you have the libncursesw5-dev library installed; use your distro's package manager. (Thanks to reader Matt, 2021-01-15.)

Supplemental Information

* Here is a link to a page on using Python with Ncurses courtesy of the Npyscreen python widget library and application framework.

* A JavaScript binding to Ncurses had been implemented on top of the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine (used by Mozilla/Firefox). Using this binding makes it easier and faster to write Ncurses apps in JavaScript, as well as having several advantages over using C. Check it out at:

Other Resources

GNU NCurses web page - How to get NCurses, options, features, and so on.

Thomas Dickey's NCurses FAQ - General questions about NCurses itself, plus a few links to some How-Tos.