Posting Code in a Comment

If you want to upload code in a comment, you’ll need to know a wee bit of HTML formatting. That’s because common characters like <, >, and & are interpreted by the web page browser as HTML, not C code.

• Prefix your code by using the <pre> tag. That way all the spaces and indents are retained.

• Postfix your code by using the </pre> tag. That tag marks the end of the preformatted text block.

• If you code uses the < or > symbols, which it will if you’re including any header files, then you need to specify &lt; for < and &gt; for >. If not, the browser would fail to see the following text:


That text above would be interpreted as HTML, which it isn’t. So no text would appear in the comment.

• Remember that your typical for loop uses the < or > characters, so scan for those. Also scan for if, while, and else keywords.

• The code for the & character is &amp;. If you’re doing a logical AND operation, you need two of them: &amp;&amp; for &&.

All these recommendations are optional, but consider using them if you want the code in your comment to be readable.

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