Here is a quick reference to blog posts I’ve written that appear in a multiple parts. Each link below goes to the first part in the series. Links at the end of each post help you navigate through the topic.

Title/Link Date Description
Conversion Character Mania 12 Sept. 2013 A guide to the various printf() conversion characters and their formats.
Variable Tab Width 30 Nov. 2013 Code to specifically set the number of characters at a tap stop
Graphing in Text Mode 28 June 2014 Create “graphics” using a text mode console
Recursion 15 Nov. 2014 An introduction to the concept of recursive programming
C Language Neat Tricks 22 Aug. 2015 Some unexpected or interesting programming twists
Messing with File Access 19 Sept. 2015 Control how information is read from a file
Encoding and Decoding 24 Oct. 2015 How to code or encrypt and then decode or decrypt data
Bit Fields 23 April 2016 Reading and writing chunks of bits from within a byte
Fuzzy Matching 3 Sept. 2016 Matching data that isn’t exactly identical, but close
Behold the Stack 19 Nov. 2016 Simulated stack programming in C
Manipulate Pointers in Functions 14 Jan. 2017 Pass a pointer’s address to a function
Wide Characters 24 Jun. 2017 Output Unicode text
Sorted List Presentation 30 Sep. 2017 Discover how to display sorted data by columns, and process out constants from the code.
Safe Coding Practices 11 Nov. 2017 Issues to consider when writing code that runs well, anticipates problems, and avoids common exploits used by the bad guys.