Cyclops Numbers

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Oh, leave it to the propeller heads to devise a clever and fun name for something the rest of us never pay attention to. This time it’s a cyclops number, which is any decimal integer value with an odd number of digits and a big fat zero in the middle — like a cyclops’ eye.

The digits in a cyclops number need not reflect each other; it isn’t a palindrome number (which apparently is another thing in math). No, it’s just an integer value with an odd number of digits so that it has a center digit. That center digit — and only that digit — must be zero.

Your task for this month’s Exercise is to write code that outputs the first 100 cyclops numbers. Start at zero, even though you need at least a three-digit value to have the first cyclops number. When the code matches the cyclops number pattern, output its value.

Figure 1 shows the output from my solution, where I crafted a fancy table to output the results on a single screen. (I cover the table’s logic in an upcoming Lesson.) You don’t need to output the values in such a table, just a long list is enough.

Table output

Figure 1. Fancy table output showing the first 100 cyclops numbers.

Please try this Exercise on your own before you peek at my solution.

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