C Blog 11th Anniversary

Today marks this blog’s 11th anniversary. The first post was made 11 years ago on April 13th, 2013. This date coincided with the release of my book, Beginning Programming with C For Dummies.

The original C For Dummies website (launched in 1997) lacked a blog, which meant I had to write new pages to add articles updating information from the book or offering challenges. This approach proved to be too cumbersome, so I added the blog.

I wrote and and posted for a few months before the book came out to ensure that new users would see material and not view a disappointing “coming soon” page. Since that time, and consistently, I’ve published a new Lesson every Saturday and a new Exercise every month on the first. So far that’s 826 posts. At an average of 500 words per post, that’s over 413,000 words on C programming — almost as much as a king-size novel!

Thanks to all the subscribers and folks who have contributed and emailed over the years. Thank you for enjoying my C programming blog! It shall continue!

4 thoughts on “C Blog 11th Anniversary

  1. How many visitors per week you have I do not know… having been a member of this site for just a little over a year now, all I can say is:

    I have really gotten used to reading your “C” topic posts as part of my weekend routine, and am looking forward to them every week!

    Hereʼs to the future of this blog!

    (Luckily, where I live it’s already late enough to have a drink without too bad of a conscience.)

  2. Thanks!

    I don’t track visitors. It would probably depress me! But I do link to the posts from my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

    I never really did this blog (or the other one I did, retired now) for hits or likes or anything. It’s a way for me to address questions about my books and courses but it also keeps me active coding in C, especially doing things I would otherwise not be aware of or interested in.

  3. Thanks for the clarification on tracking visitors.

    «keeps me active coding in C, especially doing things I would otherwise not be aware of or interested in»

    In my book that reason alone is good enough in and on itself… use it or lose it is a real thing with regards to how our brains work and to play with technology is often not only educational but also fun.

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